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NGHS Students: Deer Poetry

21 Nov

By Renée Gotcher

After our recent close encounters with mule deer in our neighborhood, the girls wrote the following poems to express what they learned about deer in our factual research, Biblical study and personal experiences with these beautiful creatures. The details of our experience and nature writing assignment can be found in this Wildlife Wednesday post, hosted by Creations Conversations. Click here for a Free Printable PDF Wildlife Writing Assignment.

The Confident Deer

By Audrey Gotcher (11)
The confident Deer prances and leaps through the day,
Without a second thought,
Through the river,
Through the trees,
Along with the breeze.
On its toes it nimbly runs along,
For the daily food it sought,
Though the dangers of the forest,
Often appear, God is near and provides.
That is why the Deer does not fear.

The Frightened Deer

By Claire Gotcher (10)
The frightened Deer can appear very queer
Frozen in light, full of fright,
As it decides to run into the night.
How it prances and almost dances
In the field, as if it had a shield.
And as it settles down to sleep,
In safety, the Deer will no longer creep.

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