NextGen Homeschool looks at today’s homeschooling experience through the eyes of four homeschooled sisters — from two different families — who have chosen to pass along the gift of homeschooling to our next generation — our own children. Though we share the common experience of having been homeschooled ourselves, we each have our own reasons for choosing to homeschool our children. We also have different approaches to implementing homeschooling in our families.

Our mission is to encourage and support today’s homeschooling families — as well as those who are simply homeschooling curious — by sharing our experiences as NextGen Homeschoolers. Because we are formerly homeschooled moms now homeschooling our children, we have a unique point of view. We also get a different set of questions when we’re asked about our homeschooling choices.

Here’s our “Homeschooling 101” — our unique perspective on the most common questions about homeschooling.

Why We Homeschool

Ask a NextGen Homeschooler…

The Quest for the Ideal Curriculum

Co-Ops, Support Groups, Extra Activities

Scheduling, Day in the Life

Housekeeping, Budgeting — the Practical Stuff

Holidays & Traditions

Practical Tips

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