Textbook Autographs

8 May

As I write about Rachel Rosanna this week I thought it would be good to repost this fun story about her autographing and doodling in her textbooks as a young girl.

Rosanna's Genealogical Thoughts

I collect really old textbooks.  They aren’t worth much money but what makes my collection special to me is that most of them I inherited from my Grandma Gotcher who was a school teacher in a one room schoolhouse.  What makes them even more interesting is that my ancestors wrote in their textbooks when they were in school.  I find it very humorous to read their notes and see their names practiced over and over in the front pages of their books.  The biggest culprit of this was my Great Great Aunt, Rachel Rosanna Tracy.  She was born in 1860 so in 1875 she would have been 15 and probably in her last year of school.  By 1880 she was a school teacher.  In several of the books I have, the front few pages are covered with notes both to and from her friends.  The Front of “A Practical Grammar”…

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