NGHS Journal: Friday Fun Day, shopping in the prize bucket

4 Sep

The Ward Family — Day 20 — August 31, 2012

I can’t believe we have been in school for one month already!  Friday was a fun day.  After Devotion and Math, Joel got to use the points he earned in August and go “shopping” in our prize bucket!

He had 100 points.  He picked out an angry birds slap bracelet, a pocket fan, and two matchbox cars – a motorcycle and a 2010 Toyota Tundra black just like his dads.


Joel’s “buys”

Then we attended our first outside homeschool activity for the year – Homeschool Skate Day at the Route 66 Roller Rink in Sapulpa.  We took Liz and her girls.  Both boys strapped on skates and had a great time!

The boys at the skate rink.

Rosanna Ward is a devoted wife of 19 years and mother of four children, two of which are homeschool graduates. She currently homeschools her 7-year-old son Joel and her youngest son is a toddler. Rosanna is a homeschool graduate and has been homeschooling for seven years. Rosanna loves to study History and Genealogy: Her genealogy blog is called “Rosanna’s Genealogical Thoughts.” She and her family reside in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

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